Vyuerdloghe Crimson Oath Incarnate: Chapter of Barter and Theft

The White Rabbit

Mythic Tiers ( 0/2 )

Bartholomew remains connected to the Vyuerdloghe of the Crimson Oath. Himself an incarnate belonging to the Chapter of Barter and Theft.

  • Curse of Daedalus (Ex)
    Bartholomew bestows every object he touches with otherworldly potential, often the more he interacts with the object, the more potent the effects. He has learned that often leaving ill-woven patterns of luck on crafted trinkets has proven useful, passing them off to the unsuspecting victim.
    Can craft cursed items worth up to 8000gp
  • Legerdemain Judge (Ex)
    As an Incarnate of the Chapter of Barter and Theft, Bartholomew regulates transactions within a distance.
    If an object is stolen or disarmed within 30 feet Bartholomew may blink using a tunnel and instantly transport anywhere to that location within 5ft. In addition any object handed by Bartholomew to another person lowers their saves against his abilities by -1.
    At 7th level if Bartholomew gives a person an object, the first turn that they have that object they may make one acrobatics or escape artist check with a +8 circumstance bonus
  • Linguistatic Taunt (Sp)
    Within the chapter it is known that bartering and theft are extremely dependent on the use of language. Bartholomew is able to learn from the wisdom and words of his previous incarnates, many of which were not only traders and thieves, but enlightening speakers, foreign interpreters, and political tricksters.
    Whenever you perceive an intelligent creature arranging any kind of verbal contract, you may choose to make a bluff check for this creature at a -2 penalty. Upon success you may lie for the creature using your result, or force them to speak suspiciously and arouse the attention of something they might be trying to hide.

Vyuerdloghe Crimson Oath Incarnate: Chapter of Barter and Theft

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