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Ālfheimr: The Light of Ælfhæft

Ālfheimr is a land etched by the worshipers of the sacred Ælfræšh texts. These people commonly call themselves the Eldritch. Known to all as high speak, Ælfræšh(Eldritch) is a language that has greatly influenced the development of modern civilization throughout the world of Arthas. The highest text among the Eldritch, The Magnus, embodies the chief principle of their kin. Through the worship of a sacred entity known as Ælfhæft, all men accept their mortality and kinship to their god of gods, the father of fathers.

Nobility is exclusive to those born under high speech in nearly all known provinces, and the ecclesiastic order supersedes many governing bodies in outlying territories. The largest province is currently controlled by The Queen of Eahlunh, who dictates a mass of armies from the outlying provinces under the blinding light of the Æsir, angels of direct descendancy to the father of fathers Ælfhæft. The Queen of Eahlunh has ruled for over 10,000 years and is forever expanding her borders to the shadowcast which block the Terrans from Ælfhæft’s glorious divine knowledge. Gwyllt, a group of beast-folk species formerly known as the Vluna, have largely been domesticated as a direct result of the Eldritch expansion. It was once said that the Vluna were once entirely noctambules, servants of the shadowcast.


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