The language of Vyuerdloghe is forbidden under the law. Persecuted much more ferociously than those who speak Vaukojkas or other forms of Low Speak. Even villages near the expanding borders of Ealunh who do not fully adapt to the ways of the Eldritch live in fear of Vyuerdloghe. It is the sound of demons who whisper from under your house to trap you in the cursed foundations with them, the song of the trees that lure young children into the forest, never to be seen again.

In recent years many cases have been brought before courts of Ealunh of those who speak Vyuerdloghe, sentencing them to death, often with little evidence that the defendant was doing anything more that babbling about with their tongue, saying something they didn’t like, or having a seizure. While this is known by the general public, they still largely believe in the unnatural malign power of Vyuerdloghe and live in fear of those rumored to know even a handful of words. Occasionally a cat, bull, or even tree will be brought in to be executed for having spoke the words of Vyuerdloghe.

Records of history do not give an origin for Vyuerdloghe. The language’s origin is perhaps assumed common knowledge by ancient authors, or the origin’s nonexistence can be taken as proof that Vyuerdloghe is in fact a lingering sin that bleeds into this world from beyond.

Also known as :

  • Vaukojkas Hn̥dherus “From the Underworld, Infernal”
  • Fjorðinn Vehleugnen “Oath-breaker”
  • Vluna Ælfādl “Nightmare”


Hndherghthom Kyranian