The Late King Pascal, Architect of the Undines


Mythic Tiers ( 0/2 )

The Late King Pascal had his memories and his home taken from him, with no one to understand his frustration of feeling changed by The Queen. Pascal is torn between his ancestry as both a Vaukojkas and Ælfræšh. He keeps the language of his ancestors and the Undine alive through Schrödinger and Terra. Having called upon Schrödinger for songs many times his knowledge of Undine conjuration has lead to the activation of ancient ruins. The Queen was able to take parts of everything, but not his speech.

  • Song of the Undine (Sp)
    For each turn that Pascal, Schrödinger or someone within 30ft of them performs songs in Undine, you may empower Schrödinger with a single extra action and +1 on a single roll that turn with +1 for each additional performer who had spent a full-round action to sing.

The Late King Pascal, Architect of the Undines

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