The Great Barrows

The Great Barrows, or Didžiosios Pilkapiai, lie deep within Hndherghthom, below a winding maze of ruined city after ruined city that once thrived.

  • Įgruvia Milžinai, Vaukojkas for “Subsidence of Giants”, is an underground city surrounding a larger sinkhole which has been discovered to house a sacred ceremonial tomb and temples. The most northern temples are under the rule of Despoina, revealed to be Eglė Žalčių Karalienė one of Pascal’s daughters. Traditions state that Vaukojkas are forbidden from entering the barrow’s sacred tomb.
  • Vaukojkas speak of Milžinai “Giants” who inhabited the halls of Didžiosios Pilkapiai. Known to the Fjorðinn as Jotun, and Ælfræšh as Cyclopes. These beings passed on through common languages are regarded by most as nothing more than myth.

Also known as:

  • Vaukojkas Didžiosios Pilkapiai “Great Barrows”
  • Ælfræšh Forteresce Magnus “Great Fortress”


The Great Barrows

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