Terra Teagan, Vaejlhund of Hndherghthom

Terra Teagan

Mythic Tiers ( 0/2 )

Some would never dare enter Hndherghthom but to Terra these boundaries as a Vluna mean nothing. Curiosity alone could drive a free Vluna through the western mountain ranges past any known civilization, sometimes never returning. After becoming a fugitive then returning home to rescue her own master Pascal from his keep, Terra has had to travel many paths, getting comfortable with the shadows and constant darkness. The borders of the Ealunh are boundless too some, but since her travels she has witnessed some things that are far worse than anyone’s fears of what could lurk beyond the shadows at night.

  • Witness at the Gate (Ex)
    Terra witnessed the light of something beyond peeking into their realms, the consequences of which she could not understand. Everyone around her was left blind but she was able to see. Observing the boundary between what is known too exist and what lies beyond.
    You gain a +4 bonus to Will saves against Vyuerdloghe’s visage.
    At 7th level you gain an additional +4 to Will saves caused by a Vyuerdloghe’s visage.
  • Realm of the Blindless (Ex)
    You may make Stealth checks while being observed by Vyuerdloghe as long as there is a source of it’s visage. You may use this ability to stealth from non-Vyuerdloghe as long as you are within the light of the Vyuerdloghe’s visage.

Terra Teagan, Vaejlhund of Hndherghthom

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