Order of Agnōmeht, Tongue of Bē-tharmōn

Ducroh Leberan

Mythic Tiers ( 0/2 )

Speaking the words of the Fjorðinn texts day and night, Ducroh has enamored Ashtifer with songs doomed to silence deep under the earth. Ducroh has uncovered an ancient tome written in Fjorðinn regarding Bē-tharmōn with several sermons practiced by ancient peoples.

  • Confessions to Ashtifer (Sp)
    Speaking often to those that have no words to say, Ducroh has strengthened his bond with determined souls who have sought similar paths, enabling him to communicate with the world using skills of those who came before him.
    At 1st level, Ducroh gains the ability to use comprehend languages, detect secret doors, and identify, but each has a casting time of 1 minute. Can use this ability a number of times per day equal to his level + his Wisdom modifier.
    As he goes up in level, Ducroh gains the ability to use other spells with the casting time as above. At 5th level, he can use augury. At 7th level, he can use speak with dead and locate object. At 9th level, he can use legend lore. Each of these requires one use of this ability.
  • Judgement of Undhrbyrðr (Ex)
    Ducroh had a dream the night after ingesting brew for the libations held during the initiation. In his sleep he envisioned the blinding light which pierced the halls of Hndherghthom once more; however Ducroh was looking through sockets of the animated bones of Bē-tharmōn, wielding the blade of Undhrbyrðr and lifting it into the air. Holding it between his arms and driving the blade directly downwards into the ground. The earth shook as the blinding light surged and pained him with the sharp cries of a dying god- Ducroh woke with a shooting pain in his ears.
    While standing within a Vyuerdloghe’s visage Ducroh as a full-round action may sink the length of his blade into at least 2 feet of soil. If he succeeds on a Will save against the Vyuerdloghe’s visage DC +2, he may treat the Vyuerdloghe as if it is helpless and had delivered a coup de grace.
    At 8th level you may roll the Vyuerdloghe’s visage DC instead of the Vyuerdloghe’s visage DC +2.


Order of Agnōmeht, Tongue of Bē-tharmōn

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