Fjorðinn is a remnant language among Arthas that the common Noran(Urden) people still recall with a vast history of cultural traditions; they are often established alongside Eldritch ecclesiastic institutions and have borrowed many lexical traditions to become those of their own.

The Fjorðinn pride themselves in their ability to survive the harshest environments, and because of this their architecture, engineering, and traditions surrounding the household are of great familial importance. Many of the natives which used to live atop The Crags have been displaced due to expansion of the Eldritch, however mountainous terrain elsewhere still remains favorable for establishing their dwellings. Heraldry and elaborate recordings of lineages are often emblematic inspirations for the large reliefs carved into their homes and surroundings cliffs.

Bifröst’s Edge has the highest population of native Fjorðinn speakers, people which inhabit a group of mountains in the The Eastern Shelf of Ealunh Maneh. In tales the city is always referred to as the shelf of light. Many of the families from the East now inhabit the West under the rule of The Queen. Many have forgotten their native tongue or speak mostly Teran with some Fjorðinn.

In Fjorðinn the builders of the world were the Jotun. Giants who could throw pieces of the earth and mash them together. These beings came from the realm of Jötunheimr which has been lost to history. Many say Jötunheimr didn’t exist, some believe that it still remain’s deep within the north-west mountains where no man has been strong enough to endure the climb, while other cynics say it melted from the light of Ealunh.

Also known as:

  • Terran Noran
  • Vaukojkas N̥hjrn
  • Vluna Fel




Hndherghthom Kyranian