While the most common language is Terran, the quickest to spread throughout the provinces is Ælfræšh. Since the rule of Ealunh more of the language and replaced existing tongues. With the establishment of churches, schools, and public scribes who worked for monastic orders among the west Ælfræšh influenced the culture of natives drastically. Ælfræšh-Terran are listed under each census going back thousands of years as the spoken languages for every known province.

These people commonly call themselves the Eldritch. Known to all as high speak, Eldritch is a language that has greatly influenced the development of modern civilization throughout the world of Arthas. The highest text among the Eldritch, The Magnus, embodies the chief principle of their kin. Through the worship of a sacred entity known as Ælfhæft, all men accept their mortality and kinship to their god of gods, the father of fathers. Nobility is exclusive to those born under high speech in nearly all known provinces, and the ecclesiastic order supersedes many governing bodies in outlying territories.

Over 10,000 years ago Ælfhæft defeated Agnōmeht establishing the land of Ālfheimr. He sacrificed parts of himself and bestowed his limbs to the Æsir for the protection of all born under Ælfræšh. Several of his hands which were all seeing had dipped into the well of Agnōmeht’s demon-born daughter Mymj and she severed them. The severed eye-stalk of the lord fell to earth as a crown. From this crown emit a light and gave birth to The Queen inheriting all land under divine wisdom passed from her father. The empire of Ealunh was founded 8,000 years ago when The Queen aided by Argent Angels banished Agnōmeht’s followers born of sin from all of Ālfheimr, claiming Ealunh under rule of the queen.

Also known as:

  • Terran Eldritch
  • Vluna Teuton “Divine spirit”



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